Ask Nir...

We have decided to put together some of the more common questions,
we have come across, so maybe some answers for your own questions
can be found in here...

Question:  We love the Israeli army , will you be able to arrange for us a meeting with Israeli soldiers at their base?

Question:  I heard you come to the U S from time to time and lecture about Israel.
What are the topics and how do we coordinate a lecture?

Question:  I found on your website that you deal with art too few artists are represented at your website; can we meet any of them?? Or even order or by art from them, how does he art show events works?

Question:  we heard from relatives that there is an option to spend few nights in B&B in Israel and that some of them are high quality.
What is your recommendation?? Is it higher OR lower in price?

Question:  we will be in Israel ONLY for 5 days.
Please let us know how we make the BEST out of it.

Question:  Can you create "special" oriented tours with a special subject?
Our family LOVES nature we all dive and we love watching birds.

Question:  We are planning a tour next year with our 3 young kids ( 3 , 5 , 7 ) and our 77 and 79 grandparents. Can we integrate activities that will suite kids these ages, and our parents at the same tour?? Is there a "minimum" age for kids?

Question:  we are celebrating our son's Bar Mitzvah on this tour, will you be able to take care of all components?

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