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Shalom friends!!!
In light of the last few years when Israeli tourism knew UPS and DOWNS
from lots of tourists to absolutely NONE!!!

In 2002 after almost 2 years of crises during a military service in the north
I took half a day off and went to Safed where I set in an EMPTY street of the
artists colony with some friends who were all NOT busy and very sorry
for themselves ...for too long NO TOURISTS…

The idea came up there and then, to build up a CO OP of artists
who will be able to bring the art to the customers with a price
that will be similar to galleries in Israel + only shipping!!

I did most of the traveling for the group – of 15 artists!!!
We have been very successful with this project until 2004
when things got a lot better in Israel therefore we started
traveling 2-3 times a year only and so we do ever since!!

This "creative" solution brought arts and crafts of a large selection
to many congregations who support Israel as a mean of support that
actually gets "immediate" reward.

This is Rabbi Maimonides way of ULTIMATE Tzdakah - helping people
not by baying them a fish but by giving them a fishing stick!!

Artists could keep create in their studios while the art came to the end customer!!
As well as the art we brought with us the "ordinary" Israeli with some simple talks about Israel!!!

I would like to try and bring a little of Israel to the Diaspora.

SO this is our story, YOU can be part of this by hosting one of our shows
and create opportunities to expose the art and craft to more potential customers!!

The list of members is enclosed.

Morris Dahan\Masha Orlovitch\Asia Katz\Mical Meron\Ludmila
Feigen\Kibbutz Ein Tzurim\Yaacov Kaszmacher\Neta Jewelry\
Myra Mandel\Kibbutz Sde Boker\Shuki Freiman\Yair & Orna

Any connection you can use to help or any good idea that can bring us to any event
where we can offer our large variety of quality art and support about 15 families in Israel will be highly appreciated.


  Yaacov Kaszemacher 
Yaacov Kaszemacher The French-born son of Polish parents, I was raised in a completely secular home in post-war Paris. I frequented the small nightclubs in the St. Germain des Pres and associated with the musicians, artists, and philosophers of first the beat generation and then the flower children. Essentially self-taught, I learned about art by experimenting with different...

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  Ludmila Feigen 
Ludmila Feigen Born in 1960 in Petropavlosk, Kazahstan.Painting ever since she was a child.Graduated the Ural Architecture Academy in 1986.With a degree in Design. 1992 made Aliya and moved to Safed.She works today with silk graphics and design.She is painting on silk with vivid colors the views of the Galilee.These are samples only, Each and every one of the art pieces yo...

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  Morris Dahan 
Morris Dahan Born 1960 in Safed the seventh child to a family of eightthat "just" came from Morocco and got hardly any formal education!! Ever since childhood was attracted to art in general and painting in particular.Morris is an autodidact who never studied "proper" art but his naïve art in its vivid colors "concord" every heart!! Morris who loves his city, its co...

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  Orna and Yair Canaan Gallery 
Orna and Yair Canaan Gallery Canaan Gallery was founded in 1992 by Orna and Yair Mor in the artist colony of Safed. This old mountain town is the cradle of the mystical teachings of Judaism. The Zohar being written there in the 12th century and the Kabalah written a few hundred years later, have attracted mystics to live and study in Safed from all parts of the world. This atmosphere ha...

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  Yoav Ben David Kaplan 
Yoav Ben David Kaplan Born on 1970 in Petach-Tikva near Tel Aviv. As a child he already knew andFelt his Art Work was a god's gift. Painting for him is simply a message from Worlds beyond, many times he says the lines that run with their own rhythm seem To have a life of their own. Now days he works and creates in Israel.

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