19/04/2010 celebrating Israel Independence

19/04/2010 celebrating Israel Independence
(From - Special Projects)

143 years ago Mark Twain was here .

Dear friends,

In less than 150 years the Zionist movement is fulfilling prophesies!!
The desert is blooming,
the streets are bustling with people noisy children creating our future, Jews from the 4 corners of the world.

High-Tec empire science literature - mixed with 3 thousand years of history.

We are celebrating our independence
once again with endless pride for our achievements,
with clear sight of what we have not done right and needs correcting,
with great excitement for the future.

3rd generation on the ground , having the great privilege to live on the land purchased by my great grandfather - my oldest just finished his obligations to the country and came home after 4 long years with the army ,my second just joined

I'm amazed at the great miracle
only 143 years ago Mark twain saw here desert and swamps desolated land. And now my little garden is blooming with colorful flowers.

This great miracle reminds me again of the enormous resources God gave us of Great Spirit and desire to improve, with the total believe in our ability and in the divine providence we can accomplish here what seems to be impossible.

Only one week after the holocaust Memorial Day commemorating the six millions, and Memorial Day right this day It is SO much clearer that the price was not in vain.

The BEST of our youth as well as mothers fathers siblings was paid to afford this independence the price of the miracle

This is one of the sources of the great energy we have to keep on and make this place better.

I wish you all myself included a happy independence day!!!

Lots of joy and self fulfillment!!!



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