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Israel is known in the Bible as the "land of milk and honey".
Today Israel is widely credited with a rich and distinctive cuisine
reflecting the diversity of Israeli society,
but with roots deeply planted in Jewish and regional customs.
The cuisine of Israel is defined by the influences of Oriental and
Western flavors. Most of the country's restaurants are kosher,
meaning they conform to Jewish dietary laws. Milk, cream, or cheese
may not be served together with meat in the same meal.
This means many restaurants serve either milk or meat, but not both.
Pork and shellfish are banned in most locales, but it is possible to
find them in non-kosher restaurants.
There has been a recent interest in European-style fine dining.
The food in Israel is fabulous and you will thoroughly enjoy the
cultural experience for breakfast , suppers and dinners.
You don't need to worry about water and fresh produce
the water is safe to drink throughout Israel,
and Israel's fresh fruits and vegetables are world-class.
Bottled water is available everywhere.

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