Desert walks (with or without camels)

Desert walks (with or without camels)
(From - Extreme and Adventure Tours)
Israel is a hikers paradise. An old Bedouin saying says... Walk your feet & rest your heart.
Hike into the Ramon Crater - a unique geological formation, discover the desert's natural fresh water springs, explore the ancient Nabatian Spice Route and experience Bedouin hospitality local tribes still roaming the vast land. The Negev's high mountains clear and cool weather permits year round touring.
You can also walk the desert with camels. A camel ride is a perfect chance to slow down and begin to feel the rhythm of the desert, learn about the ancient perfume route, where the Nabatean led camel convoys carrying spices and perfumes (thats where the name comes from) 2000 years ago.
The camel tours are suitable for all ages, families with or without children, groups, and individuals. All the tours are pre-planned to suit the individual rider and to get the most excitement out of them.


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