Sailing on the Red sea and diving there as well

Sailing on the Red sea and diving there as well
(From - Extreme and Adventure Tours)
Fun sail on board of a sailing yacht is an attractive entertainment for all ages. Fun sail is a private sail, between two hours to half a day which includes:
cruising around the bay, observation and explanations on the four countries which boarders in Eilat's bay water: Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Cruise along the “Dolphin Reef” and watching the dolphins.
Rope drugging in water – a unique experience in which you will be drugged by a rope behind the yacht, while your body floats in the sea and gets an indulges massage by its cool water.
Anchor in west coast of Eilat for swimming in the sea and snorkeling. During the sailing you can combine water sport activities: jet skis, water skis, tube skis and parasailing.


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