Lodging - Carmey Avdat

Lodging - Carmey Avdat
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Special Lodging Recommendations

Hannah and Eyal Izrael are the founders of Carmey Avdat
one of the farms established on the Wine Route in the Negev,
near Sde Boker in the heart of the Negev Highlands.

The farm is located on the remains of a 2000-year old
agricultural settlement, on the path of the ancient Spice Route.

Guest Lodging
Our concept of guest lodging and the design and style of our guest cabins
were inspired by our travels in the deserts of the Negev, the Sinai, and Australia.
Our cabins are built and designed with the theme of the desert and its panorama
in mind, and offer visitors an opportunity to experience the beauty, tranquility,
and power of the desert that we experience evry day.
Designed for Simplicity and Serenity The simple design of our guest cabins
incorporates natural materials, verandas overlooking the view, cobblestone floors,
and other decorative details - all of which blend together to offer a unique pastoral atmosphere.

There are no television sets or DVD players in the cabins to detract from
the serenity and beauty of the surroundings.
During the summer months guests can swim in the pools that were built with the
inspiration of the garden pools in the mountains of the Sinai desert.

The hillsides near the pools have been planted with fruit trees that receive water
from the pools and bear fruit in the summer.

Guests can wander among the trees and pick and taste
the various fruits.

Vacationing with Ecology in Mind
The farm has a biological water purification system that recycles gray water from
the cabins for irrigation. Each guest cabin has three separate garbage disposal
containers for organic rubbish, bottles, and other garbage so that organic waste
and bottles can be recycled.




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