About me - Nir Nitzan

I am a 3rd generation Israeli,
my great grandfather settled here more than 100 years ago.
I was raised on a Moshav.

My father was a rose farmer
From Childhood I'm plowing the length and breadth
of the country, knows every
stream, every site and an amazing variety of people
with fascinating stories.

Married to Hanna since 1983
and a proud father to  Noam, Neta & Noa.

I served in the army as a commander of
A reconnaissance unit rank Lot. Col.

I'm still an active volunteer at the unit

I commanded for almost 20 years. I'm using the advantage of my military back ground to emphasizes and share Israel's unique security issues. Many of our groups will visit with the israel Army (IDF).

For over 25 years I'm in the tourism business and at 2009
I founded my company, Nitzan Travel Services, whose goal is to enable you to tour Israel and be captured by her charms. I believe that a tour in Israel is much more than a tour. It is an emotional bonding experience and colorful source of many memories.

Over the years I have guided a large variety of groups

Political Tours
Escorting politicians, focusing political issues
wile encountering the reality on the sites.
I've guided the Governors of Alabama, N.C. and Tennessee.

Professional Tours
Specializing in guiding professionals from
all academic fields on short, one-day field trips
to carefully planed long researches. such as:
Ornithologists And Photographers of National Geographic.

Interfaith Tours
We have operated tours who meant to bring together clergy
of different faith who came to study religious, social and cultural
issues in Israel.

Congregation Tours
Both Jewish and Christian congregations who came for
a cultural religious experience in Israel.

Desert survival tours
and up to the...

most luxurious possible groups.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah tours
and tours of special focus!!

Christian Tours and Pilgrims
of almost every denomination. Large groups
as well as small groups & families.


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